These rules apply:

  1. Club records can only be claimed by current registered members of Campbelltown Collegians Athletics Club.
  2. Records will be recognised at the following events: –

Little A’s

  • Campbelltown Collegians Little Athletics Club Competition
  • LANSW Zone
  • LANSW Region
  • LANSW State or State Combined
  • LAA Nationals


  • Campbelltown Collegians Club Competition
  • Club Premierships/Allcomers/Permit meets
  • ANSW State
  • AA Nationals
  • International
  • N.S.W. All Schools Championships
  • Australian All Schools
  1. Any other event that is officiated by World Athletics, AA, ANSW or LAANSW officials and sanctioned by those Associations may be recognised.
  2.  Only on the approval of the Committee of Campbelltown Collegians Athletics Club.
  3. Records will not be recognised at school events such as: –
    •  C.H.S. (Combined High Schools)
    • C.C.C. (Combined Catholic Colleges)
    • P.S.S.A. (Primary Schools Sports Association)
  4. Little Athletics records are restricted to the age group of the record broken.
  5.  If a Senior (U16, U18, U20) breaks not only their own age group record but that of higher age groups, then that person is accredited for those records as well.
  6. A dual registered athlete (U12 to U17) can hold Little Athletics and Senior records simultaneously, however, the athlete can only be accredited with senior records if that performance was achieved at a recognised ANSW or AA carnival (not L.A.’s club competition or carnival – refer paragraph 4). A Little Athletics record can only be achieved at Little A competitions.
  7. Senior athletes can be accredited with records of their age group and above, no matter what division of competition they are competing in:
    • i.e. An Under 18 athlete is competing in the ANSW Club Premiership and breaks the club’s Under 18 record then they are accredited with that record.
    • If an athlete is competing up an age and breaks a club record in their own age group, then they are accredited with that record.
  8.  Masters’ records are separate and can only be claimed by athletes over the designated age. A master can claim a record in the Open division.
  9.  If a time is achieved with hand timing only (in sprints & hurdles) then that time needs to be ratified to electronic time (Under 12 & older).
  10. If a Senior throws record is applied for, in an age above that of the athlete, then the weight of the implement has to be the required weight of the older age group.
  11. All record application forms must be lodged with the club within one month of the performance. Forms are available from the Club.
  12. If wind gauge readings are available in sprints/hurdles events then the time will only be accepted for records if it is a legal wind reading.

LA’s Club Records

Girls  Boys
U6 U6
U7 U7
U8 U8
U9 U9
U10 U10
U11 U11
U12 U12
U13 U13
U14 U14
U15 U15
U17 U17