Financial support for competitions may be provided (dependent upon the club’s financial position) and will need to be approved by the Committee in line with the Financial Support Guidelines.

All requests and applications for assistance must be forwarded to the Club’s Secretary in writing, for consideration by the Committee at the Club’s monthly meeting (held on the 4th Monday of each month) prior to the event taking place.


Athletes may be eligible for financial assistance where the competition/event requires the athlete to attain a qualifying standard and be selected for a Representative team. Applications must include the following:-

  • Evidence of Selection e.g. letter from LANSW or ANSW
  • Details of the team in which they have been selected
  • Date and place of competition or itinerary
  • Estimated total cost of the trip
  • Other financial contributions to the trip (fundraising, grants)
  • Details of previous sporting achievements


Coaches/Officials working for the Club may be eligible for financial assistance. All Coaches must be accredited. Consideration for assistance may include:

  • Course fees for new coaches/officials
  • Existing coaches/official’s affiliation fees
  • Education course in line with Coaching/Official accreditation

Other Criteria for Consideration

  • You must be currently registered with Campbelltown Collegians Athletics Club
  • Must be an active participant e.g. regularly competing at Club competition events or representing the Club at sanctioned (ANSW) competitions
  • Coaching or Official training/registration if it is determined to be for the direct benefit of the Club. e.g. Currently coaching club athletes or prepared to do so for a period of time.