There have been some exciting advancements regarding the Dual Athlete Membership between Little Athletics’ and Athletics NSW.

Any athlete who registers with Little Athletics for the 2018/19 season from the age groups U12 to U17 will automatically receive a ‘Dual Athlete Membership’ with Athletics NSW.

This membership essentially enables dual athletes eligibility to compete in both LANSW and ANSW events, ultimately engaging in all that is offered by both sporting organisations.

Dual Athlete Membership

Athletics NSW Competitions

Athletics NSW hosts over 100 competitions in Track and Field, Cross Country, Road Races and Race Walks. These can range from unique local/community competitions, rival packed interclub competitions, all the way up to State Championship Events.

How to Compete

Entry for Athletics NSW competitions varies slightly from the Little A’s process. For Athletics NSW competitions, participants simply have to head over the Competitions section of the website (click here) and complete an online entry form your the desired competition. Generally registrations for Athletics NSW Competitions need to be completed at least 3 days prior to the competition.

Click here to see what competitions are coming up.

What do you wear?


If you are looking to compete for your Athletics NSW Senior Club at ANSW Competitions, then you will need to wear your Senior Club Uniform. To get your hands on your senior club uniform, please contact your Athletics NSW Club.

Competition Bibs

2018/19 Competition Bibs for the ‘Dual Athlete’ have been made simple. You would have received a set of two (2) OneSport Bibs from your Little Athletics Centre to be shared between your Little A’s uniform and your Senior Athlete Uniform.

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