The ultimate level of competition for Little Athletics is the Australian Little Athletics Championships which are held in a different State each year. It takes an extremely good athlete to achieve representative status at this level.

Dedication, hard work, time and effort are but minimum requirements for anyone aspiring to this level. We proudly acknowledge the achievements of the following athletes who, through their dedication to athletics have represented both our Club and New South Wales at the Australian Little Athletics Championships.

1974Geoffrey Nunn
1977Glenda Hall
1982Renee Whattaker
1984Jason Sienkiewicz
1985Melinda Jensen
1989Gregory King
1990Ryan Graham
1991Lisa Skuse
1996Emily Mackenzie
1997Christopher McCauley
1998David Booler
1999Travis Prigg
2002Christopher Lawrence
2003Chloe Tighe
2004Todd Wakefield
2005Adrian Peachey-Zerafa
2005Rhearne Ryan
2006James Connor
2006Cameron Hyde
2007Anna Laman
2007Matthew Still
2014Louise Cranston
2014Gafer Ajelara
2016Jason Parmaxadis
2018Chantelle Barnard
2018Tye Fepuleai
2019Jason Parmaxidis
2019Roman Thebus
2019Alexis Brunt
2019Damita Betham
2022Eva Gawal
2022Indii Bower